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Our Response to Covid-19

At Honest McKinney, we are taking all the necessary steps to ensure your safety against Coronavirus.

*While in the restaurant, we enforce all customers to keep a mask on when away from the table.

*All Menus, Chairs, and Tables are cleaned and sanitized daily.

*We now have QR Code menus as an option instead of physical menus.

*We are strongly enforcing our hand washing policy with our servers and runners, especially when picking up plates from tables.

*Sanitizing stations have been setup at our entrance for accessibility

*Hand Sanitizing stations can also be found at corners of the restaurant.

*Employees and chefs have been advised to wear gloves at all times and change them as often as possible.

*All food handling rules have been revised to keep all food safe. The kitchen will be cleaned multiples times a day to ensure this.

At Honest, our most important concern is the safety of our consumers and our community.

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